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2020 B.Hope Giving Drive

Every day we find more kids battling Nephrotic Syndrome without support. Backpacks of Hope offers these families support when needed most. Each Backpack of Hope contains valuable medical supplies, comfort items and educational materials. Each one offering a personal connection to others in the same journey. 

How Can You Help?

Sponsor a Backpack of Hope for a child with a tax deductible donation of $250, or contribute any amount toward the program. Each is an incredible gift to a family, delivering hope and light in an often dark journey. With your help we hope to fund Backpacks for over 200 children in 2020. For details on what's inside each Backpack click here


Are you part of a group that wants to give back? Sponsor a child as an individual, family or group! 


“She might as well have received a pot of gold in her mind! This was amazing!!” 

- Patient Mom

Live in the Bay Area?

Support the Local Businesses that have partnered with The Nephrotic Syndrome Foundation to raise awareness and funding for Backpacks of Hope.


Learn about what makes Backpacks of Hope so special in the B.Hope displays at these participating stores, and Donate while you shop!

2020 B.Hope Supporters

Shelly Toscano

Mike & Diane Goldstein

Cole Goldstein

Kristin Kiltz

Susan & Joe Callaway 

Laura Markstein 

Kristine & Al White

Deana & Dan Nelson

Sheafali Patel & Gerry Forde

Tracy Arnaudon

Jerry & Courtney Sepic 

Jodi & Crissi Stowers

Sia & Paul McDonald

Veronica Brinkman

Mary Bevc

Farzaneh Khatami

Maureen Coupland

Louise Fong

Tiffany Jaber

Sarah Cohn

Gabriella Rebata

Sophie Chritton  

Elena Arney

Katy Drucker

Bridget Scott

Gina Nicholson

Shannon Jones

Richard Segol

Alyse Grace 

Anita Haywood 

Kimberly Dunaway

Chris & Vanessa Pass

Johnna Brunenkant

Katie Allen

Katherine Hudson

Evelyn Carlson

Andy & Susie Hansen

Cynthia Niemeyer

Jill Jarmel

Barbara Prosser & Marni Govin

Alice Benedict

Lena Milissis

Tracy Adsuara-Lim

Jennifer Bermudez

Linda Kelly

Melissa Kutrosky 

Christie Gallo

Vicki Dennis Cox

Abby McLennan

Heidi Corkern 

Leslie Wuischpard

Shannon Sathiacama

Katie Brown

Cindy Clark 

Melanie Rainwater

Andrea Johnston

Rachel Goldblatt

Tanya & Chris Owens -

(Alta American Pools)

Mary McGarvey

Niel and Karla Shultz

Chris Terwilliger

Gina Cummings

Chara Rodrigues 

Anu Ubhi

Rachel Goldblatt

Christie DiCarlo Gallo

Kristin M.

Megan Hann

Jennifer Park

Mitra Downes

Leslie Wuischpard

Laura Pruitt

Joy Chai

Rocio Santillan

Michelle Delbo

Sarah Cohn

Kelsey Peters

Allyson Peters

Kylie Fairman

Audrey Nowacek

Abby Binder

Jen French

Brooke Nicholas

Alice Bolick

Nikki Keeley

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