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Every day we find more kids battling Nephrotic Syndrome without support. Backpacks of Hope offers these families support when needed most. Each Backpack of Hope contains valuable medical supplies, comfort items and educational materials. Each one offering a personal connection to others in the same journey. 

How can you help?

Sponsor a Backpack of Hope for a child with a tax deductible donation of $250, or contribute any amount toward the program. Each is an incredible gift to a family, delivering hope and light in an often dark journey. With your help we hope to fund Backpacks for 50 children. For details on what's inside each Backpack click here


Are you part of a group that wants to give back? Sponsor a child as an individual, family or group! 

Live in the Bay Area?


Learn about what makes Backpacks of Hope so special in the B.Hope displays at these stores and restaurants.

Donate while you shop or dine!


Elisa Wen


Stella's Ristorante​


Bay Area Fitwear

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JBJ Curated Goods


Ella J. Boutique


Games Unlimited

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