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Participating in a clinical trial can be beneficial for your child and help further the search for treatments and a cure for Nephrotic Syndrome. If you are interested in learning about or participating in a clinical trial, we invite you to check these sources to determine if any are right for your family / child:

Kidney Research Network (KRN): or clinical trial hotline 1-844-618-2479

Kidney Health Gateway:

Clinical Trials Database (NIH / NLM):


The Sampson Lab:

Sethna Research Group: kNIGHT Study (Nocturnal Hypertension Study)  (taVNS Study (Vagus Nerve Study))

 For questions contact Kristal Wong /


Other valuable articles and resources:

Discovery of Autoantibodies Targeting Nephrin in Minimal Change Disease Supports a Novel Autoimmune Etiology

Note: The Nephrotic Syndrome Foundation does not endorse participation in any specific trial or study. Please consult your doctor or healthcare provider prior to enrolling to discuss benefits and risks relevant to you or your patient.

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