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Clinical Trial Information: there are several clinical trials underway in the area of Nephrotic Syndrome and it's underlying diseases. The success of these trials is a major step in the process of bringing a drug or treatment to market and often depends on the trial's ability to enroll patients for participation. While considering participation in a clinical trial can be overwhelming, it can also be extremely beneficial, providing access to leading-edge treatment options, doctors and information.


Information on current clinical trials can be found at:


Kidney Research Network (University of Michigan)

or clinical trial hotline 1-844-618-2479

About Kidney Research Network:
The Kidney Research Network is a collaborative organization of patients, clinicians, and scientists focused on improving evidence-based treatment options and outcomes for patients with kidney disease. Supported by a Patient Advisory Board, the Network consists of six cores and employs strategic partnerships to advance its mission. The Clinical Trials Network and Trials Consulting Core along with full-service Data Analysis and Coordinating Center provides a unique, high impact approach to clinical trial development and execution and leverages the rich resources of the Network Data Warehouse and Endpoints and Outcomes Consortium. To learn more, visit

News from KRN! 

The KRN has recently hit a really exciting milestone as one of the trials they are closely partnered with successfully completed enrollment.The FIRSTx trial in FSGS is investigating a new medication being developed as a possible alternative to steroids. Completion of enrollment is a critical step that is often the barrier to progress in clinical trials. More on this trial and specific details of the research involved can be found at

Kidney Health Gateway

Clinical Trials Database (NIH / NLM)

Note: The Nephrotic Syndrome Foundation does not endorse participation in any specific trial or study. Please consult your doctor or healthcare provider prior to enrolling to discuss benefits and risks relevant to you or your patient. 

The Nephrotic Syndrome Foundation is a non-profit organization supporting those diagnosed with Nephrotic Syndrome, their families and the ongoing search for a cure.