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Kidney Awareness is an important part of what The Nephrotic Syndrome Foundation is aiming to do alongside supporting patient families and research. Knowledge is a very powerful tool, and the more we spread the word about Nephrotic Syndrome and our foundation, the wider we can grow our community and the more people we can connect with!


Raising funding and research aren't the only ways to support those with Nephrotic Syndrome, education and awareness is an essential part of our journey!


Whether you are directly impacted by Nephrotic Syndrome, or are just wanting to spread awareness, we have compiled resources to help you communicate what Nephrotic Syndrome is, share your story, and highlight NSF’s mission! Below you will find a presentation (best for preschool to 5th grade - focused on how our kidneys work, and how eating healthy can benefit our kidneys), NSF fliers and logos, and Kidney Awareness Month social media graphics.

Helpful Information for Kidney Awareness & Fundraising Presentations:

Sharing your story/journey via social media is a great way to spread awareness! Photos and personal words make such an impact. You are welcome to use the Kidney Awareness Images (above) in your post or story.  When / If you decide to share, please tag us using the specific handles below so we can also share your story!

Instagram & Facebook: @nephroticsyndromefoundation

If you have any questions, need other materials, or would like graphics of varied formats and sizes, please reach out to

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