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Through this program, The Nephrotic Syndrome Foundation provides financial support to families with a child diagnosed with Nephrotic Syndrome.

Families of pediatric patients within North America are eligible. Priority is given to patients within the California Bay Area or those who have attended a Nephrotic Syndrome Foundation event (virtually or in person). Applications may be submitted at any time via the link below.


Please click the button below for more information on the program, eligibility, requirements and application. 

NSF is proud to announce that our Q1 2024 award cycle is completed. We awarded over $16,000 to support 11 patient families.


Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis; however, our next review cycle is slated for August 2024

Email Ann Kitchen, NSF Patient Support Advocate and Patient Grants Program Administrator at with questions

Our family was humbled when the Nephrotic Syndrome Foundation awarded Enzo with financial support to finish his allergy treatments. It couldn’t have come at a better time and was an answered prayer for us. Thank you to the Nephrotic Syndrome Foundation - we are forever grateful!

- Patient Mom

Screen Shot 2020-06-14 at 9.04.31 PM.png

The support my family has received from The Nephrotic Syndrome Foundation has been truly remarkable and humbling...The grant from NSF has covered our deductible  for mental health therapy.  This grant is allowing my family to access tools to help navigate the journey of this unpredictable disease. Thank you again for everything you do to support our children and families. 

- Patient Mom

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