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We are thrilled to announce the launch of our NSF Podcast!


We bring you inspirational and authentic stories of warriors living with Nephrotic Syndrome, from those still in the trenches to those who have found remission! We share in some of the challenges in this fight, bring you real life tips & tricks from these incredible people, kidney related health and wellness content, insight from providers and SO MUCH MORE. We welcome you into this journey we all share!  

Hosted by our Founder - Andi Callaway and Peer Team Lead Jeremy Bedig, we explore all aspects of Nephrotic Syndrome in an open conversation with guest speakers and our listeners.


Andi Callaway & Jeremy Bedig 

talk all things Nephrotic Syndrome, Kidney Health & MORE!

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Andi and Jeremy Wrap It Up! 
Episode 9

Travel with us as we look back at a powerful season of Warrior stories. We’ll touch on some of the highlights, lessons learned, and memorable moments of the first-ever season of the Nephrotic Syndrome Foundation Podcast.

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Grace & Courage w/ Mikaela

Episode 8

Gratitude and vulnerability don’t usually come easily. But when Mikaela was diagnosed at 16, she didn’t waste any time exemplifying both qualities while still in the hospital. Listen in as she shares about attitude, meds, horseback riding, and a path towards helping others. Read More.


Happiness w/ Jasmine

Episode 7

It takes most of us a lifetime to gain the wisdom, and insight Jasmine has earned in her early 20’s. Despite a diagnosis of Nephrotic Syndrome at 18, she courageously pursues her passion for professionally performing in the arts. Read More.

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Finding Wellness w/ Nicki

Episode 6

No two journeys are alike—and this is particularly true in the world of Nephrotic Syndrome. Despite being put on several commonly used medications, Nicki did not find hope or healing until she had a mental shift and started working with a team of doctors that looked at all aspects of her health. Read More.


Sometimes one small kernel of truth can make all the difference in a person’s daily experience. Dr. Ryan Lazarus understands this personally and professionally. Check out our additional resources page for more medical information.

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Power of Functional Medicine

Episode 5

Natalie Robinson 2.png

Facing a life of chronic illness with grace, determination, and courage might seem like an impossible feat. But Natalie Robinson is here to prove otherwise.

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Live Beyond Limits w/ Natalie

Episode 4

Cynthia Kay.jpg

At times in life, we come across people that can’t help but inspire. They embolden us to face challenges with a new perspective and fresh attitude. Cynthia Niemeyer is one of those people.

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Breaking Boundaries w/ Cynthia Episode 3


Andi and Wilson's Story

Episode 2

At the young age of six, Wilson and his family were thrust into a world they knew nothing about. A diagnosis of Minimal Change Disease turned their “normal” into “navigating the unknown.” In this episode, Andi shares their story of understanding, courage, and connecting with others. Read More.

NSF Launches a Podcast!

Episode 1

An inspiring story, a much-needed word of encouragement, or a well-placed bit of advice can make all the difference in a difficult journey. And sometimes, all it takes is knowing that you’re not alone. Read More.

Meet Our Hosts

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Founder & President

Andi and her husband Tucker founded The Nephrotic Syndrome Foundation in 2017 after their own son Wilson was diagnosed. Andi recognized a need in the community, and made it her mission to provide much needed direct support and encouragement for patients and families in this journey. With the help of NSF's supporters and Board, Andi and her team at NSF have created valuable programs benefitting patient families around the world. 

Andi's extensive career in finance, time in the non-profit world, and personal experience with NS all contribute to her ability to uniquely see what is needed by those in this journey. Ask Andi; however, and she will tell you it is the patient families in this journey who inspire her to make NSF a success. Andi lives with her husband Tucker, kids Wilson, Lila, and puppy Chief in Alamo, CA. 



Peer Team Lead & Nephrotic Syndrome Warrior

Diagnosed with fast acting variant FSGS at 14, Jeremy has experienced a number of treatments, double nephrectomy and dialysis. He received his first kidney transplant within two years of diagnosis. That kidney worked for almost six years before it failed, putting him back on dialysis. At 24 Jeremy received his second transplant.


Through all of this Jeremy never stopped following his passions. He played soccer all through high school and continues to play and coach teams. He also credits his amazing support system who nourished and energized him through his journey.


Now 27, he and his family have had time to reflect on their journey. In their most difficult moments where they had to make decisions with no clear right answer, they never felt they had an experienced community to support them. It is now his passion to provide that support and improve the lives of other families impacted by Nephrotic Syndrome. 


Want to suggest a speaker or have a topic you'd like to see covered?


Guest appearances on The Go Be More Podcast

with Bryan Green & Jon Rankin

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