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Fundraising Toolkit - How to host a successful fundraiser!

Thank you for your interest in fundraising on behalf of The Nephrotic Syndrome Foundation.


Below are some tips and tricks to hosting a successful fundraiser. No matter the size of your event, you can make a huge impact in the lives of those with Nephrotic Syndrome!

"Save the Date"

Get the word out to friends, family, co-workers and additional contacts as soon as your event date is set.  For scheduled events such as parties, races or tournaments, send a “save the date” email letting everyone know your personal fundraiser or event is coming. Having a bit of lead time will help boost your donation rate.

Be Your First Donor!

Make a donation to your page or offer to match your friends’ donations up to a certain amount. Others are more inclined to give when they see that you are dedicated to the cause.

Let’s Get Social!  

Social media will really boost your fundraiser’s success! Let friends and followers know that you are raising money, and share why the cause is important to you.

Friends Love to Help!

If you are planning an event, enlist the help of friends or volunteers to help with set up, equipment, photography, food, break down, etc!

Follow Up

Did you know that it takes, on average, 3 asks to result in one gift? Once you have received a donation, don’t forget to publicly thank your donors.

Capture the Moment

Pictures are a priceless way of recognizing donations of time and money to your cause. Be sure to take photos and share after the event.  This will also give your guests a wonderful reminder of their experience!

Express Gratitude

There is no greater gift for a donor than thanks and acknowledgement. Knowing their time or money has made a difference to you and to those battling Nephrotic Syndrome will hit the spot. Set aside time to thank your supporters deeply and often! 

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