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The Nephrotic Syndrome Foundation’s 2020 Summer Splash!

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JOIN US for a socially distanced, do from home, summer fundraising / awareness campaign to support children battling Nephrotic Syndrome!


Call up your best cannonball, bellyflop, kiddie pool jump or doggie swim! Post on Instagram or Facebook, tag us @nephroticsyndromefoundation and challenge a friend to make an even bigger splash!! Donations appreciated but 100% optional.

Here’s How:


  1. Visit NSF’s  Summer Splash 2020 Campaign - HERE!

  2. Click “Fundraise with Us” and create your Ambassador Account

  3. Upload a photo/video of you and / or your child

  4. Write a short note about your WHY!?? 

  5. Pick a Fundraising Goal (optional)

  6. Share your campaign page link with friends, family and on social media. 

  7. Have fun!

Tips for a BIG SPLASH:


  • Get creative! Cannonballs, Belly Flops, Kiddie Pools, Lakes or run through the sprinklers! The family dog or favorite toys are fair game too!


  • Consider a DIVE FOR FIVE!! Encourage donations of just $1 or $5! ANY donation / new follower makes a positive impact on children battling Nephrotic Syndrome.

  • Just add water! Summer Splash is a great way to do something meaningful for others in this journey. Even from afar!

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