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Creating your own “WE HOPE” for NSF event can raise awareness and vital funding for NSF, making a huge impact on children and families living with Nephrotic Syndrome.

There are no limits to the type of "WE HOPE" fundraiser you can host! Your event can be anything from a themed gala or backyard BBQ, to a golf tournament, bowl-a-thon or 5K walk or hike.

"It takes a person who is truly empathetic...who has compassion, love and step up to help another in a meaningful way". 

                        - Andi Callaway (President & Founder)


Follow these simple steps to start your WE HOPE Campaign:

  1. Create a 'Fundraise with Us' profile on our FlipCause page.
  2. Check out our Fundraising Toolkit for Tips & Tricks for a successful fundraiser!

  3. Contact Us to discuss how we can help!

  4. Considering a major / in person event? Tell us about your event and how we can help by filling out this event survey. 

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