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Our goal is to have social media flooding with videos or pictures of participants doing their best cannonball or bellyflop and tagging The Nephrotic Syndrome Foundation. Each post will be matched by our sponsors!


By participating you help raise awareness and funds! If you would like, you can support with donations of $1, $5 or any amount, but it's 100% optional! Anyone can participate, and/or make a donation to help us achieve our goal of $2,500 by the end of August.  


Have a blast, and go make a SPLASH!

What To Do


Do your best cannonball or bellyflop, tag us AND challenge your next friend, coach, teacher or mentor to do the same! Every post in support of The Nephrotic Syndrome Foundation between now and 8/31 will be matched by our sponsors! $1 for every cannonball and $5 for every belly flop. Just jump, tag and share the link! Donations optional. 

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