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Summer Splash 2021

Join us for a socially distanced, do from home fundraising and awareness campaign!


Our goal is to have social media flooding with videos or pictures of participants doing their best cannonball or bellyflop or dive, tagging The Nephrotic Syndrome Foundation! Help us bring awareness through 100 new followers and $5,000 to this fight by the end of August. 


By participating you raise awareness and funds for those affected by Nephrotic Syndrome. Start your team by clicking 'Fundraise with Us' below!


Have a blast, and go make a SPLASH!


Suit up to do your best cannonball or bellyflop, tag us @nephroticsyndromefoundation AND ask your friend, coach, teacher or mentor to do the same! See if you can raise $1 for every cannonball and $5 for every dive! Just jump, tag and share the link!

Donations optional.


Start your team today by clicking 'Start a Team'!

Have a question? Contact us at

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